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4 dec - Från blogg: Petchie’s adventures
I will have to say that I admire O! He has been working so hard on renovating our apartment since end of August, and yesterday he finally finished laying down the wooden floor in V’s room! Now we – what am I saying, “we”?? I mean O has to pain...
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3 dec - Från blogg: Petchie’s adventures
Who is my best friend? I don’t have one best friend, I have several: my oldest friend Å whom I have known since I was born (as she was born 1,5 months before me), she lives in Copenhagen my first friend in Eslöv when we moved there in 1990, L, who nowadays li...
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2 dec - Från blogg: Petchie’s adventures
Since 2002 Brussels is “my” town, and I really feel at home here. This is where I met my husband O, where I gave birth to our son V, where a lot of my friends live and where I have my professional life. The Brussels town hall at the Grand’ Place, wh...
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1 dec - Från blogg: Petchie’s adventures
Hm, who am I? An ex-pat European Swede living in Brussels since 2002 (2007-2010 in Puerto Rico), married to a Spaniard, mother of 15-month old V, a book lover, traveller, fascinated by languages, unfortunately quite lazy, social but can be shy, a collector (of books,...
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1 dec - Från blogg: Petchie’s adventures
I found a blog advent calendar over at my friend Anna’s blog, and thought why not? At least I will try to blog everyday, with scheduling posts and trying to be brief, it might be feasible… Berätta om dig själv. / Tell something about yourself Berätta o...
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27 nov - Från blogg: Petchie’s adventures
Or maybe that should be “heroines”? I am alone with V for the third time in a short time (a month?) while O is “business travelling” and if I find that everyday life is stressful when we are two sharing the responsibility of dropping off / pic...
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14 nov - Från blogg: Petchie’s adventures
It has been literally ages since I published any Wednesday recipe, maybe because I haven’t been a very inspired cook in the past years. But I am slowly getting back to cooking, trying new recipes and having the time to do so. Fortunately we have been blessed wi...
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10 nov - Från blogg: Petchie’s adventures
I like my walls to be white but not bare! In other words, I like to decorate the walls with pictures, photos and posters. At the moment I am slowly getting frames for all the pictures and posters that I have been collecting over the years. Yesterday I showed O where ...
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1 nov - Från blogg: Petchie’s adventures
It’s a month since our last visit to V’s grandparents when O helped with the fruit harvest: Pears, plums, grapes and figs were harvested last month V and a big pear! Funny, my father had taken a photo of the same [kind of] butterfly back home in their gar...
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31 okt - Från blogg: Petchie’s adventures
I wrote last week that V and I were travelling to the south of France (Provence) to see my old friend L who lives there with her French boyfriend and their 2-year old daugther. Well, that didn’t happen thanks to [bloody] SNCF, the French railway company, that j...


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